About Us

Harvey and Harry RyanIAC has been serving Riverside County since 1990, providing exceptional automotive collision and auto body repair. It began simply enough with just 4 employees and one vehicle to repair. All of the estimates were done by hand and all prices were looked up in a book.  

The Ryan's knew when they started in the business, that if they provided good service and honest repairs they would soon become known as the place to take your car to be repaired.  They were right!  From those humble beginnings, IAC has grown to more than 60 employees, repairing over 400 vehicles every month.

Things have gone so well in fact that we have opened our fourth state-of-the-art facility in Menifee, CA.

Together, Harry and Harvey Ryan have over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, the Ryan's headed west in the 1970's have been in Southern California ever since. Harvey had spent over 20 years with Honda/Acura as a Service Director having gone through their Training Management Action Program.  Harry has worked many years as an insurance adjuster and a body work specialist, giving insights into collision repair from both sides of the spectrum.